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Behind the screen

MerryGraph, blog à Bordeaux

There’s me: Magali. I’m French and I live in Bordeaux.

  • My nickname is Magouille. Maybe I’ll explain why someday.
  • When I eat a pizza, I always get rid of the crust first. The rest is just better!
  • When someone gives me left or right directions, I’m always confused. It can be very funny.

I started out my blog when I was an expatriate in California. When I moved back to France, it felt right to blog the other way around and share my life in France to expatriates and foreigners. This is why I started translating some of my French posts in English.

I hope you’ll enjoy this space. Tell me if you find it useful (or funny) (or awkward). If you truly appreciate it, share the love around you!

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